Apps: Economics of Networks

Being this the first post I’ve decided on sharing something I am quite fond of doing when there isn’t much else to do is search for ‘useful’ apps. 

As many people know today smart phones are probably the most fashionable articles we own. Like many people, I enjoy exploring new apps to download and make a better use of my phone. These apps are not only thrown out there for people to try, instead, these apps bring people from everywhere into rating the app and reviewing; this creates a network of people sharing their thoughts about the usefulness or not, of the application.

Lately I have found myself downloading Google apps in both my cellphone and my tablet, mainly because I already have Gmail accounts registered to my phone. This makes it convenient for me since I avoid the time to re-write information every time I download a new application.  These creative apps aim to ‘facilitate’ consumer’s lives in any way these need.

For instance, apps can go from Facebook which is the most common, to trip adviser apps as happens with Tripp it. For the foodies who love eating and cooking there are apps such as Recipe Search, if instead of cooking people are looking for the nearest restaurant there are also apps for that such  as Best Restaurant Finder they claim being the best!.

Furthermore, apps such as TED which allows consumers listening to people’s speeches and probably learn a thing or two from them. XE Currency is an app that allows people to calculate the currencies. This is a very useful app since you can use it even when you’re offline and keep up with the newest updates in currencies. Another app that I found myself using more and more often is The Onion it’s a refreshing alternative to get your daily dose of news especially when it comes to politics.

One of the apps that I like to use the most is TheFind, this app allows me to scan bar codes of items and compare the prices before going and purchasing them. And the second app most used by me is Amazon which I don’t use to buy from, as much as I use it to read the reviews on article that other people have posted.

I thought this theme was relevant to the topic of networks since our smartphones are the place where we carry most of our networks with us every day. So, what a better place to start networking if not in our phones?


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  1. It is very interesting to contemplate how cellular phones have impacted the way we connect with people. Smartphones, in particular, have and continue to revolutionize the connections we make on a daily basis. We are in a technological era where phones do not simply offer us the opportunity to visit our Facebook on the phone’s web browser, email individuals or text overseas. As you mentioned, we have moved way beyond that with apps. Apps represent interests, hobbies, passions and the everyday life aspects of a person. From a network perspective, apps not only connect people from around the globe, but it gives direct insight into what exactly connects people.

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