I got hacked (and so can you)

Network has become the core of our daily lives. We pretty much can’t do anything without it now days. People being on their smart phones almost 24/7 even when they’re driving or sleeping. From social networks to references, we have all sorts of applications that are available for us. Although there are many positive things of having access to the network, there are many negative sides of being connected. One of downsides which is a very problematic now days is the privacy of the users. From logging into a certain website, the website can track your browsing history and take information from you.  For example, referencing from fortune.com, the user’s email was hacked and massive emails were sent out  to friends without knowingly. Later, the user was notified from friends that there were weird emails that were sent to them. Google and Facebook are one of the top blue chip companies in the world. Being in the top comes with big responsibilities. They’re responsible to always be on top of their research to find better solutions to identity theft and personal information leakage. Failure to do so can jeopardize the companies success due to reputations and lawsuits. But most importantly, it can ruin people’s lives and cause many other problems including deaths.