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I decided to write about an article I found that talks about Random House introducing a new book app. Random House, the largest book publisher in the world will be releasing a new app called Book Scout that will help facebook users find out about their friends’ book preferences and will give them book recommendations without having to go on their facebook profiles or browse the web. This information is going to be provided by facebook. This app will provide facebook users with a list of books they might like and also with the links where they can buy these books from.

I thought this article was very interesting. It is really amazing what social network can do for us.  I think this new app will come in handy to all those people who are book lovers and who are looking for a good book to read. Instead of having to browse the web which might require more time to do, this new app can provide a list of books within seconds based on the kinds of books one might have liked on facebook or just give them a list of bestsellers they might like or book preferences from friends. Personally I was very happy to read about this new app because I come across this issue whenever I am looking for a good book to read and it really takes time to browse the web in search of answers when you can have an app do all the work for you.


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  1. I love apps and websites like this that recommend books based on previously read books and recommendations from others. I always wondered what kind of process really goes into the selection, though, because I feel like sites like Goodreads sometimes recommend books that aren’t very similar to listed preferences at all or I find books independently that I love and wonder why it wasn’t recommended to me when it was so similar to my usual reading preferences. I feel like I’m constantly surfing the shelves at a bookstore or the Internet, so I’m curious to see how Random House’s app differs from other, similar programs and if it’ll condense what can be a very frustrating book search.

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