Tighter Privacy Laws Open Doors for Private Social Networks

In todays digital world there are literally thousands of social networks one can join simply by signing up online. Facebook for example has exceeded 1 billions users recently and that number will continue to grow with the worlds population. In turn, the popularity of social networks will inevitably grow with it. But there is one issue that not many of the users in these networks do not even think about, privacy. Anything post or picture that is uploaded onto the internet is there forever and there is no way to ever retrieve it. This can be especially troublesome for doctors, lawyers, financial advisors or any profession that involves client confidentiality. Doctors and lawyers alike are being fined and held accountable for violating certain privacy laws via their Twitter accounts or Facebook profiles. So as a response professionals everywhere, doctors especially, are joining a new breed of social networking site, private ones. Yes the idea seems arbitrary, but there are many sites that offer privacy to authenticated professionals. It allows the user to know that everyone they are in contact with is a verified professional and makes sending and receiving correspondence more secure, so they won’t have to worry about private info being available to the public like it is on Facebook. This will decrease the number of violations they may incur and allow these professionals to spend more time focusing on helping their clients and patients, not scouring the Facebook pages for privacy violations.