Twitter’s new “Vine” App: Not Just a Place for Porn

Despite what you may be hearing about Twitter’s recently released video app named “Vine”, it is not a place over-ridden with adult content.  Vine is being used how all or at least the vast majority of  social networks are used: for sharing cute cats, music, funny things kids say, general goofy-ness and yes, some pornographic content.  But this doesn’t mean its any less suitable for use than say, Twitter, which most people would not say has a “porn problem”, although it has a vast amount of pornographic and otherwise mature content freely accessible to its user base. Vine users can filter and flag mature content, so that age verification is necessary to view questionable material.

Now some of you may be asking: OK DUDE!  What is this Vine app anyway?  Why is it making technology headlines and why should I care? Well the answer is because its a highly captivating and addicting service.  Vine clients use their smartphone camera to record 6 second clips of video and upload it to the Vine interface, which in turn can be connected with the user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Six seconds sounds extremely short, and in fact it is: that’s the point.  The six second videos end up becoming extremely versatile; anything from stop motion animation,  short comedic skits  or a brief glimpse into a person’s life is accessible at the user’s fingertips.

Check out a live stream of Vine videos in your desktop browser or on your mobile phone as well at Vine Peek.

So far, Vine is only available in Apple’s App Store, but an Android version is reportedly coming out soon.