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Learning how to use your networks is just as important as to learning about networks. Networks span from personal interactions to distribution routes and even to attracting the right type of potential employees to your company. In the article When Traditional Tactics Aren’t Enough, Play Videogames , CEO of WibiData, Christophe Bisciglia, needed to attract new employees to his startup company in a unique fashion. In the Silicon Valley, though, unique employee perks, like free food and free bicycles are offered by even the largest companies in the Valley (think Google, Apple, and Microsoft sort of large.) Bisciglia was looking at his company and its relationship to other companies in the area, and he saw common links between hiring practices, the offering of perks like free food for example. This CEO then looked at his company; he looked at the connections made between his employees beyond just working at the company. Bisciglia saw Portal 2, a first person puzzle game produced by Valve as a common link between his employees and sought out a way to take this link in this network to provide a link to potential employees that also like Portal 2. A mod for the game was made and used as a recruitment tool and posted onto Steam, Valve’s online game hub; so far 30 job applications have been submitted from this puzzle game mod.

This is a very interesting way to use networks to help you understand your relationship to those around you and how to connect two supposedly separate networks to build a new network. Studying networks is a great way to understand how people and companies interact and to use networks to see what can be done differently is a great way to benefit from these studies. Companies, if they want to be seen as different and unique, need to use networks in the same way as Bisciglia has used his networks if they want to attract a certain type of employee. This application of studying networks goes beyond just offering healthcare, but should be used to see what type of people a company’s culture promotes and how this current employee network can be used to attract like-minded people. This benefits a company by bringing in employees that want to work for that company, and these employees have a higher chance on getting along with each other, limiting workplace conflicts, and promoting more creative output through this better communicating. Employees also feel more attached with the company because they want to be around the people they work with, thus helping retain employees, and the list of this use of networks goes on.

I do have to ask the question, what way would a company in finance or banking attract employees using their knowledge of networks? A company in Silicon Valley has traditionally had a different culture than a company on Wall Street, so not every company can use a game mod for Portal 2 to attract new employees.


Author: DonJavo

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  1. This is a very interesting idea to say the least. I am aware of the Portal game franchise and its immense popularity in the gaming world, it is pretty ingenious of Bisciglia to use a marketing technique to attract employee’s. Using the gaming world (a multi-billion dollar business) as an extra large network as where to attract talented employee’s is more efficient than sending out recruiters to try to decipher hundreds if not thousands of applications in search of a few good men or women. The internet age really makes ideas like this easy.

    As to your question of how a company in banking or finance may attract talented people, I would have to lean towards some kind of golf incentive. Golf is the mostly the sport of choice for many Wall Street types and some sort of membership program could generate a lot of interest.

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