Twitter wins it all

The 27th Super Bowl has ended with Baltimore Ravens winning it all the way.  But the story doesn’t end here for businesses, analysts, etc.  They are out to figure out what was the trend change for this year, especially in relations to media. According to ( Twitter was mentioned in 26 of 52 national tv commercial.  That is an improvement from sharing 50/50 with Facebook from last year’s Super Bowl with only 8 mentions. I want to ask a question to myself and to the reader what has gone wrong with Facebook. I have realized that the time that I go on Facebook has decreased dramatically because I spend more time on sharing my thoughts and reading about others such as news and famous people’s tweet on Twitter. Based on the article I have referenced to, it’s just not me who feels this way.  There must be a reason why advertisement companies have decided to use Twitter to promote themselves more and connect with the audience. So my conclusion is that businesses see Twitter as much stronger tool to reach out to people than any other social media networks especially with many famous people and celebrities utilizing Twitter to connect with their fans.