Twitter & Super Bowl 47

Last night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49er’s was an exciting spectacle of American sport.  There were headlines galore as the Ravens went up big in the second half, Beyoncé electrified the crowd during the half-time show, the power outage which followed and finally the 49er’s near come-back to close out the game.  The Twitter universe was exceedingly busy during Super Bowl 47, where it’s users churned out a remarkable 24 million tweets, smashing last years figure of roughly 13 million.  During the almsot chaotic power outage which lasted upwards of a half-hour, there was a staggering 231,500 Tweets every minute.

Advertisers didn’t miss out on this opportunity, Tide and Oreo both released tweets with quick-thinking viral messages related to the blackout.  Advertisers are becoming ever more creative with how they choose to utilize the various social media platforms, especially during large-scale events such as the Super Bowl. Furthermore, nearly half of the pricey commercials aired during the Super Bowl contained messages for Twitter users to use, namely specific hash-tags related to the commercial.

Every year Twitter gains millions of users, so this trend of increasing Tweets during these events will surely continue.  Twitter has become an extremely important player in post-modern journalism (if you can call it that), and it’s grassroots ability to spread viral messages will be more fully realized in years to come.

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  1. I was fascinated by the growth of twitter after the Super Bowl. I normally only used Facebook but I’ve recently have been using twitter more often. The bigger question is what is Facebook not doing that twitter does? It might be the simplicity of twitter.

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