Who is Really Behind the @

Unsurprisingly there have already been a few posts regarding Twitter and its trends. One thing that is of some interest to me is the person or people who are actually behind the popular, advice-giving twitter accounts.

For some who aren’t already familiar, there is a new show that airs on MTV called Catfish. The show documents the romantic relationship between persons who have met on Facebook and eventually meet each other face to face for the first time. So far, I have not seen one episode where both people in the relationship were really who they claim to be. This makes me think about Twitter. Twitter has proven to be such a powerful tool of influence that I think it is important to really think about what sorts of people are behind the account, what their motive is, and the effect that this has one the masses of people being reached. Just think about it; one misleading idea, one false item of information being tweeted and then retweeted countless amounts of times to essentially millions of people around the world. Twitter is so effective that it has the potential to globally alter the minds of Earth’s citizens with one click when you really think about it.

One example of an advice-giving twitter account is ‘@MommyIsTattedd’ . I do not personally follow her, but she appears on my Timeline quite frequently and she has about 200,000 followers, which tells me that people hold her relationship advice in high regard. However, her account is ‘Unverified’ which means that Twitter has not qualified the authenticity of her account. The ‘Verified’ badge, the blue tick that appears next to the twitter name, helps users discover high-quality sources of information and trust that a legitimate source is authoring the account’s Tweets [https://support.twitter.com/articles/119135-faqs-about-verified-accounts#]. For all we know, MommyIsTatted could be a sociopath.

Another example that I came across while browsing though Twitter, is a man named Branden Hampton. [http://thenextweb.com/twitter/2013/02/07/building-a-business-from-twitter-meet-the-man-behind-the-accounts-you-see-every-day/]. He and his partner run a company that specializes in providing clients with various social media strategies for Twitter. He manages many different accounts regarding skincare, personal fitness, fashion, and even a Mom blog to name a few. One of these accounts is @notebook, which is a sort of spinoff from the movie The Notebook. However, it’s run by his fiancée Stephanie Perez. The same goes for most of the twitter accounts; the information released does not come from him and we may never know who is behind it. And even though they have the Twitter ‘Verified’ stamp, how are we to know the actual authenticity and be sure of the expertise of those behind the accounts.

This could be one giant conspiracy attempt to brainwash us all!