Super search engine tracks terrorists—and you—via social networks

When were you first introduced to the internet? For myself and probably for my fellow 1990’s, we were probably first introduced around 7-10 year old of an age or later, during the era of social media. I’ve once had Xanga, MySpace, Facebook (in highschool even though it was made for college students), Twitter, etc. In our generation, social media is a part of our lives and we share many things. We grew up thinking that it was okay to do that. But the reality is whatever we write or upload, anything we do, it’s permanently staying in the cloud.

This article ( talks about a web software called Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT). This software can pretty much look into any social media website to find suspect’s likely geographic locations and activities. But the only problem is that this leads to privacy issues for people who are totally innocent and have nothing to do with it. McCall says “while some terrorists, or those who might be threats to national security, use social networking, it’s doubtful many of them show check-ins at local clubs or coffee shops.”

My issue with RIOT is that, there is no guarantee that RIOT is not being used outside of the government. Which brings the topic of privacy on normal people using social media. Now, I am more aware of the network and the cloud as a management information systems major, but before, I would upload anything on social media websites, not knowing the consequences of uploading which is that I leave a mark on everything I do. There is no guarantee that big companies won’t hire Raytheon to do background research on employees or interviewees. I just think that in any sense, life becomes very unfair. In this case, people need to stop using social media at all time or need to be very careful of things they do online which I think a lot of people are doing now a days.