Networks Meaningful Prevent Gun Control

After reading the article, “The NRA’s Place in American Politics” I realized that it is the work of networks that keep any meaningful gun control legislation from being passed. Although there is an overwhelming amount of public support for laws that would limit the availability of firearms to civilians, the National Rifle Associations network within the realm of politics is keeping the laws from even hitting congresses desk. A recent Gallup pole shows that over 80% of republicans support the NRA and its agendas, most likely because they’re NRA members themselves. So when democrats, who support gun regulation, lobby to get legislation passed, it usually falls on deaf ears because a majority of congress is Republican, with strong ties to the NRA. The network that the NRA has established in politics make is one of the most powerful lobbying entities in the history of the United States, so powerful that even when most of the country thinks we should have stricter gun legislation, it doesn’t get passed. This is a beautiful, clear cut example of the power of networks. There are very few organizations that have influence over politics like the NRA has, which should stand as an example of the importance of having a strong personal network for all of us students.