Auctioning Education

Okay, granted I don’t know a whole lot about comprehensive education reforms or public financing of federally supported educational systems but I still think I can draw some comparisons to the current higher education issue. It’s all an auction, to the highest bidder goes the most prestigious and accredited diplomas!

Let’s realize the two things that play a role in someones bid for the highest-quality higher education: 1) Skills & Talent, which we can sort of refer to as Social Capital for now 2) Money/Power. The idea hear is you either have ample amounts of both categories or you are not getting the best quality by a measurable amount. This may be kind of obvious conclusion to draw, and markets operate a lot like auctions and this is one way. But are the terms of this auction being undermined by the process? Like what about the true value of a Harvard Education compared to a Temple Education, are they receiving the best education at a modest price of $50,000 while we pay for the semi-rated at a premium of $18,000 a year? Maybe it is because of the Traffic of bidders and multitude of colleges/universities/tech&trade that we have congested effects in processes similar to cars on the road despite more avenues for them to un-congest, the options have a clogging effect like Braess’s Pardox might show?

Comments ideas? Just throw it up, i’m not committed to any thoughts just tossing around ideas?


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