Google is Using the Network to Expand Personalization

Google Maps is the most interactive map ever created. It not only shows you state and street names, but it takes you to the street level and shows photos of what you were to see if you were at that geographical location on Earth. Instead of just names of restaurants, it shows their menus, contact info, and hours of operations. Google Maps has incorporated GPS and navigation into its software  and can tell you the best public transportation routes and times for many major global cities. In the meanwhile, Google has been amassing data as how each of us relate to our geographical and social networks. With invaluable amounts of data, Google is attempting to transform the data into usable information. Daniel Graf noted that the company has a lot in store for Google Maps for the next year in the article below. “There is a lot more you can do with a map. If you look at a map and if I look at a map, should it always be the same for you and me? I’m not sure about that, because I go to different places than you do.” Google in my opinion will connect us with bridges to nodes we would have never found before. With all basic uses of maps all but completed it will be “interesting” to see the things that can be done with a map and knowledge of our preferences and networks, and of our neighbors preferences and networks..

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