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There was brief discussion in class yesterday about the way technology is developing and will evolve in the future. It was said that computers would be able to smell and taste soon enough! It might sound a bit far- fetched, but after a news segment I saw on CNN last Friday about the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, nothing will come as a surprise to me anymore in terms of what computers, no matter how big or small, can do.

Although we haven’t reached the stage of computer being able to smell and taste yet, we are definitively moving in that general direction in my opinion. Just last week, Samsung released the new Galaxy 4 phone, which I think is pretty impressive. The remote technology in this phone lets the user control it by detecting the movements of the eyes and wrist.

Two of the most emphasized features are the “smart scroll” and the “smart pause”:

Smart scroll is an evolution from the touch screen phenomenon. Now, we don’t even have to touch the screen anymore! Users can change music tracks or accept calls by waving your hand in a ‘swiping’ motion over the screen. It’s like we’re in a Harry Potter film; a simple wave of the hand and the phone does what you want (well in theory, I’m sure there may be problems along the way). You can also open emails by simply hovering your finger over the screen. AND if you still find that you need to touch the screen, it’s so sensitive that you can do so with gloves on. I don’t know about you, but I HATE having to take my gloves off to use my phone when I’m outside in the cold. If I get this phone I won’t have too. 🙂

Smart pause is the feature that really caught my attention when I saw it on the news last weekend. The phone uses eye recognition technology which allows users to control the screen using their eyes. Just think about this for a second. We can now control movement with our EYES! It’s like something off of a superhero movie or something. The phone can somehow trace the movement of your eyes and operate accordingly. For example, if watching a video on the phone then it plays normally until you look away, and then the phone will automatically pause the video for you. You don’t have to press anything! Forget being able to smell and taste. Soon computers will be able to read our minds!!!

Watch the video on this link (found at to actually see it work and here are some more of the smart features:

  • The phone also has an in-built translator, which can translate voice or text,
  • a dual camera function that can take two pictures at once
  • can measure temperature and humidity
  • allows users to activate commands via voice control when driving and even monitors your health
  • automatically creates “story albums” of photos and videos, which can be synchronized with devices at home
  • “group play” function lets people enjoy music, photos and games with people around them
  • when you are at home, the phone can quickly learn to control your TV
    as a smart remote control


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  1. This is an impressive design for a smartphone, most specifically with the dual camera function. It is as if the phone now has “eyes” where it can see the world with depth. I would also like to see how the phone reacts to software such as Google Now. It would be neat to see how the phone “evolves” as it learns your preferences,

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