Hackers Will Attack Mobile Phones in 2013


According to a Popular Science Article, smartphone hacking is going to greatly increase in the coming year. As smartphone ownership increases at the exponential rate, a 46% increrase from 708 million users October 2011 to 1,040,000,000 billions users October 2012, hackers are going to turn their attention to smartphones. Smartphones are the physical representation of every individual who uses one on the human internet network. They contain our views, opinion, ideas, and any information about ourselves that we share with the world. As computing power decreases in price and increases in power, humanity will witness greater capabilities of our human assistance machines. Hackers will view this as a great opportunity to mine data in order to manipulate systems for personal gains. Banking, credit card, employee company, and all valuable information will be available for expert hackers. For the upcoming year, make sure to limit the amount of of web pages you visit and that you are not accustomed to. Also make sure to protect all valuable information, and never open strange links. The human network has allowed humanity to accomplish great thinks, but it also allows for some not so great things to have a possibility of occurring.

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