Facebook’s Back door Networking

Have you noticed that recently, advertisements on Facebook, Google, and other popular websites are increasingly relevant to you?

Me too.

Recently, Facebook and other websites have opened up their webpages to a new form of advertising, called “retargeting”. This new form of advertising could cause social uproar from consumers once they actually understand how it works, and how they are being used to get information. Retargeting works by advertisers using a computers cookies and saved “metadata” to understand a persons browsing history in an attempt to better market to them. In other words, Facebook now looks at where you’ve been on the internet to show you those ads in the hopes that they will be more accurate. Is this right? Is this fair? Should advertisers be bidding on the rights to have our personal data? I do not believe it is right for a company to use data from outside sources to secretly market to consumers more effectively. My browsing history should be private, and now that I know this, it always will be private.

Facebook is abusing the power of the networks that exist online in an attempt  to fuel a profit motivated advertising plan and, that should not be okay. Simply because this information exists does not mean that the information should be able to be bought and sold. Advertising legislation should crack down on this abuse of power and help restore ethics to the online advertising market.



P.S: April Fool’s, I don’t mind if Facebook is doing this, but a lot of people will.

Source:  http://edition.cnn.com/2013/03/26/business/facebook-privacy-fears

One thought on “Facebook’s Back door Networking”

  1. UPROARRR! To some degree I was aware that this was happening. More and more I think about it, the more upsetting it become to me. I realize my internet history is publicly traded goods, and that is not cool with this bear. I want my discretions kept just that, to my discretion. If I want to google something of public taboo, I do not want advertisers slanging that pish-posh on my Facebook like some corner-side peddler. This must certainly be an issue of larger proportions than current events would lead me to believe.

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