Choosing a Social Network for Advertising/Promotion

On what basis should your company decide to join and be active in a social network?  That is the question presented in “10 Questions to Answer Before You Join A Social Network”.  This is an important decision for marketing and promotion now and especially the future.  First, and most important, there has to be an audience already active with the network.  This is a characteristic of the “Network Effect”, that the network in question is really on valuable if you can connect with other users.  Think of the first person to own a telephone.  They didn’t have anyone to call, so really it was just a symbol of their wealth.  Further, in terms of promotion, your given audience (demographic) has to be involved in the network, which should go without saying.  Another key factor businesses should consider when deciding to join a social network is, “Does the network solve a unique need for my audience?”  For instance, a business providing legal services is much better suited to become active in Google+, rather than Instagram for example.  The Google+ page will contain contact information, reviews and location, whereas Instagram is solely a place for sharing pictures… highly irrelevant.  Also, the amount of work/effort it takes to be a successful member of the social network is also significant.  Posting all day on Twitter does not necessarily translate to success.  Gaining followers takes time, and for smaller businesses it might not be worthwhile.



2 thoughts on “Choosing a Social Network for Advertising/Promotion”

  1. I’ve definitely experienced this with different organizations, which is why I understand the point of having an in-house social media expert. A lot of start-ups or mid-size firms think that retweeting or blogging every new addition from your website is enough to get followers, but the interactions are key. Firms have to understand there is a cost associated with being a part of any network.

  2. The key is to know your target audeience. I agree that some of the social networks out there wouldn’t be as effective as some others based on their primary objective. In the eg given above, Instagram is for uploading pics so the lawfirm wouldn’t consider advertising via Instagram: I actually disagree and think that every outlet can be tailored to suit your needs. Instagram (just to continue with the example) has so many other functions such as text and chat just to name a few, that if used in the right way it could definitely reach your target, if you find that your target or even those connected to your target use Instagram.
    That being said, one strategy could be for a company to maybe rank different social networks in order of most used to least used by their target population and advertise accordingly. But, never underestimate what can be done. It’s all about thinking outside of the box these days.


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