Urgent: New Updates For Your Political Party System Available

In an effort to push a progressive agenda of national reform Mark Zuckerberg has taken it upon himself to form a political party which accounts for the socio-economical changes that have shaped our current world. Using his Fwd.us website to release the news, the new party plans are reshaping immigration, boosting education, and encouraging investments in scientific research. The overarching idea– the world has changed a lot since our industrialized economic roots and the policies of the nation should reflect the change to a knowledge based society.

The ideas are persuasive and sentiment behind them seems keen to that of our nation’s most liberal younger generation. These thoughts will most likely catch fire and be carried away from students like myself who believe that the world of tomorrow will demand more STEM focused learning and research into advances in tech and development of all fields of science. Relating this to our most recent subject matter for class seemed perfect, as we discuss information cascades and the influence of ideas from one person in a network to another. The fact that these ideas are bound to catch on seems inevitable to me. I can see impressive changes sweeping the nation if we we’re to back away from defensive economic policies and encourage the nation to embrace change and growth. A lot of this sentiment is commonly believed to be needed change in my eyes and the increased attention that a notoriously influential man like Zuckerberg and the countless tech and industrial leaders that seem to be on board may be just what this nation needed to push the government over its tipping point and legislate change of these reforms. I am assuming that the nation will be gradually moving it’s percieved opinion towards that of the new party’s beliefs and will help bring about these changes quickly. 


Source http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2013/04/post_312.html


Author: Shane

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