Zuckerberg Just Got All up in Your Business

Yesterday, the new Android app Facebook Home became available on GooglePlay and pre-installed on HTC First. Facebook Home is the Facebook App on steroids. Instead of developing a costly OS, Facebook Home latches onto the heart of Android OS and puts Facebook at the center of virtually everything on your smartphone. Posts, chats, and timelines are now front and center of your smartphone experience. To learn a bit more check out the Forbes article.

Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy is a great and recent example of networking effects. Downloading the new Facebook Home app is akin to joining a new network. On an individual level, a user with few friends or prior Facebook activity would likely find the app to be a huge annoyance. A user with many friends and frequent Facebook activity would likely enjoy the app’s synergy with photos, text messaging, or web browsing. If Facebook already covers the OS, then there is minimal effort to stay online.

If no one was using Facebook Home, the network would have little value. Having the app pre-installed to leading Android phones creates upward pressure on users to download the app. Facebook users without the Home app will wish they had received the app and download it right away.

I’m happy to no longer be a Facebook user because I’m sure I would be both addicted and annoyed by Facebook Home. Also, Home will be closely monitoring mobile phone activity to gather market research and deliver targeted advertising through the app. I predict Facebook Home will be one of the most quick-spread, invasive, and lucrative applications in smartphone history.

One thought on “Zuckerberg Just Got All up in Your Business”

  1. Facebook has had a hard time getting into the mobile market other than just having an app to take you to the mobile site, and Facebook Home may just be the company’s solution towards profitability in mobile.
    Home will spread like wildfire due to the already strong network effect the company has and this will only further entrench Facebook as the premiere social network to use for Facebook power users.
    I see the allure to Home, but it is not a service I want to use as I use Facebook for photo sharing and setting up groups with friends for larger events, like ultimate Frisbee games or a large barbecue and I don’t need constant updates streaming on my phone screen for these purposes.

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