“A Brave New World of Internal Comm”

I found an article on the site, CampaignAsia, in which social media and internal communications is compared. Tan states:

“Internal or employee communications as a practice has forever been in the shadow of its more glamorous external communications counterparts – just look at how industry awards are categorized. It has tended to be the “poor cousin” in communications departments in terms of budget and resource allocation. Sometimes it is a small part of an HR manager’s job description, and quite often it’s an afterthought.”

This problem of ‘unglamorous’ internal communications (which was a world of newsletters, staff events, and intranet administrators), is being battled with the use of technology. Technology is allowing internal communications to create polls, surveys, and create content. People are now able to easily, electronically, share, put input, and communicate.

One innovative solution is using mobile apps:

“New platforms to connect, collect and collaborate include custom build mobile apps for instant information cascade to field staff and the ability to tailor and target messages by staff function, and interactive employee blogs that are linked to, and even being built on, social media platforms like Facebook to facilitate sharing and socializing.”

This specific quote piqued my interest because of how internal communications is purposely using an app to invoke information cascading. While learning chapter 15, and doing the homework, information cascading seemed like a thing to avoid. It may bar good ideas or decisions that were tough to make, but were incorrect do to the effects of information cascading. However, in this light, it seems extremely useful. This app, for instant information cascading, can quickly get a grasp of the entire internal community’s decision, thoughts, and feelings, rather than sorting through each person individually. This app streamlines all the processes, all by invoking information cascading. Although I’m not sure that this is the perfect way to address the problems of internal communications, I thought it was worth blogging about because of the interesting way that information cascading is being used. What do you think?

Article link: http://www.campaignasia.com/Article/339850,a-brave-new-world-of-internal-comms.aspx

One thought on ““A Brave New World of Internal Comm””

  1. In my opinion companies should engage in apps for their internal communication. I currently work in a large corporate office and feel as if there is no central mode of communication. With emails, bulletin boards, signs in the bathroom, meetings, etc. Why do we not simply integrate them all into one product that everyone has with them at all times. This idea has a very large potential if it can be made in a way that is conducive to the corporate culture of the office it is being implemented in. Great post!


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