BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks

What is all this technology doing to our brains?

The better question to ask however is how are we shaping our brains. Since the beginning humanity has attempted to understand how our brains function. Technology has helped to accomplish this from various perspectives and continues to evolve and show the human network in more ways. Social networks have allowed billions of users to share their attempt on how they perceive their own universes and brains. All could these people can be considered nodes in the human network or even neurons of a collective human brain. The internet, the most advanced technological system created, is allowing us to understand the brain, the most advanced biological system, in a more pronounced way then ever before. The internet, however, is in a younger stage of its development eerily similar to the early development of the human brain during childhood. Both are rapidly developing and making billions of connections throughout the various parts of the systems. I bring this up because it allows a method in which we can learn about ourselves through the technology we use.  Neurons are like webpages and synapses are like hyperlinks.

The following video explains its view on how we can also learn about the internet’s future can progress and how it will influence our future.

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  1. This is very interesting. Did humanity, through the internet, build an artificial reflection of the human brain? I think one key difference between the networks of neuron and the internet is that the entire brain is used in decision, whereas we only use very small pieces of the internet. It would be awesome to see some kind of automation with a downloaded copy of the internet as a brain.

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