Game Theory at Its Most Literal

For anyone who has watched Jeopardy, the general path of the game travels from lower dollar valued questions to the higher.  Rarely does someone bop around the board from the mid to maximum earnings right away, but Arthur Chu has.  Although Chu is not the pioneer of this strategy, he is taking the idea and running with it.

Chu’s aim is to find all of the Daily Doubles, because the chances of accruing points through Daily Doubles exceeds the points a player can accrue during the final rounds—even though it is typical for a higher dollar amount to be wagered in the final rounds.  “Finding the Daily Doubles becomes more important the stronger a player you are, since it lowers the influence of chance on the outcome” (  Chu’s objective is the same as all other players: get more points than your opponents; however, he isn’t allowing etiquette to hold him back—who says a person HAS to move across the board least to greatest?  By doing this, he is throwing his opponents for a loop and giving himself more of an advantage.