How is your Phone’s connection?

It is scary how most people rely on their mobile devices. Though it is not as frightening as the amount of information our cell phones can provide about an individual. Malte Spitz, a German politician, retrieved records from his cell phone provider for the last 6 months and the information was staggering. The results were enough to create almost a complete individual profile of him. In this profile you are not only able to track Spitz but see how he got to work, what mode of transportation he used, who he called, who called him and what he liked to do in his downtime. This information builds a network around the user, showing who his family and friends are; strong connections along with weak ones help build a social network. Position and timing also help build trends about him. It took Malte Spitz months and a lawsuit just to get his personal records, but the government can have this access to information much easier.

Put this into perspective, if multiple records were obtained and simulated it would result in a huge network of people. Stronger connected persons would inherently be more influential, and how they behave would make it easier to spot trends. Cell phone companies keep this information for years. The more we rely on our device the more vulnerable we are.

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