How is your Phone’s connection?

Our cell phones contain way too much personal information on them in which we have no control over when it comes to the government and it’s right to the information. God forbid if your phone gets lost or stolen which opens basically an entire profile of you and many of your friends and family.

In the near future cell phones will be as powerful as the computers we depend on today. But we are already using cell phones as we would use computers. We store an enormous amount of information on these devices to help us live a more comfortable life. Some of the things we store on our cell phones may contain sensitive information, for instance: names, addresses, phone numbers, documents that can be opened via text viewing and editing software, Adobe Acrobat pdf’s, Microsoft Word doc’s, spreadsheets, and many other readable formats. Financial information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and pin numbers. Also maps to our home, to our work, to our best friend’s home,etc., Social security numbers, ID numbers, driver’s license numbers, passwords, and birthdays.

Without a doubt cell phone records and information can be of great benefit to law enforcement agencies who are investigating and trying to stop or to prevent criminal or terroristic activites. However, if the information falls into the wrong hands, there can be grave consequences. Businesses are routinely transacting business over cell phones. If information regarding those businesses is leaked, it can costs companies millions of dollars. Plus, on a personal level, if personal information is leaked to the wrong person, the information may lead to identity theft and a host of other very harmful consequences.