Mesh Networking

Mesh networking is something that you have probably never heard of, but it has the potential to change how devices, specifically Iphones, communicate with each other.  Currently, when a small network is present, in a home or small office, there is a single central node connected to a bunch of other nodes (laptops, tvs, xbox etc..).  When this central node (a router) is knocked out, then all devices lose their connectivity.  However, Apple has adopted mesh networking capabilities in iOS 7, and called it Multipeer Connectivity.  You may recognize this capability as “AirDrop”, which allows you to send pictures and info to other Iphones within bluetooth distance.  However, app developers are beginning to take advantage of the power of mesh networking.  A new app, called FireChat, enables Iphones to message each other with out the use of Wifi or internet connections, by using bluetooth. In addition, mesh networking will allow phones to connect to each other by building networks.  For example, if phone A is connected to phone B, and phone B is connected to phone C, then phone A can connect to phone C.  Also, if phone C does have an internet connection, then phone A can connect to phone C through phone B with buletooth and use the internet connection from phone C!  This chain of connection can be infinite, so you can have as many phones connected as long as they stay within bluetooth range to wherever they are connected too.  This will enable the creation of new apps that will literally connect people and groups together in ways that have never been attempted.  It is interesting to see how we are understanding networks and beginning to take advantage of the connectivity that can come with them.


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  1. This is pretty cool. Sometimes the Wifi and cellular networks get so congested that it would be nice to have another network to travel through means of telecommunication. I just wonder if it would cause a blockage, since though bluetooth may be pretty instant you still have to be close to the person for it to carry out. SO many problems may arise if the devices don’t pick up each others signals.

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