Super Duper Uber?


One would say that crazy cabbies are inevitable in city living. Some cringe at having to catch a cab for various reasons. Cab drivers can be rude, reckless, and unprofessional sometimes. At times we put the world in their hands as we trust them to get us to our destination on time in one piece.

As Uber enters the world of transportation it has revolutionized the taxi experience. Uber acts as a matchmaker for those who need to get around the city. You download the app, and hail a “taxi” from your phone wherever you are. Uber finds a driver close to you and makes a match. They pride themselves on the professional drivers that they can match the passengers with. As a new rider they give you $20 towards your first ride (you can use my code! s2bdx and redeem your $20).

For the first few rides the “buyers”…

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