Why eCommerce Needs A United Ebay

In recent news there has been talk of a split between PayPal and eBay confused the general public.  eBay represents the largest online retailer in the world and holds English Style auctions for a wide variety of goods and services.  In 2002 eBay purchased PayPal and now as time has pasted this is seen as a excellent decision in business.  With the purchase of PayPal eBay gained a fast and reliable way of payment for its auctions that take place in many different places at the same time.  The ability to authenticate each bid in the auction instantly allows for the most effective use of an English auctions.  Without PayPal false bids could be place with much more ease and the price of the good could be inflated past the intrinsic value forcing bidders out of the auction.  Another effect that can be caused by the shifting of eBay’s partnership is the amount of money spent on goods.  In this situation, online auctions can vary from auctions held in front of a live base.  With online auctions not only are the prices effected by the true value each bidder has, but they are also effected by the connectivity of the bidder.  In an online auction setting the bidder may not always have access to the auction being held online or the bidder my not always have a way to verify their bid.  With the loss of PayPal eBay bidders may lose the fast authorization on mobile devices that can help them quickly verify a bid on a good.  If the bidder does not have this access they may be left stranded and unable to bid on a good that they value more than the current bid.



One thought on “Why eCommerce Needs A United Ebay”

  1. This would be a serious problem to ebay. Unverify bid is not going to help to generate the revenue for Ebay. Ebay should develop some kind of their own system that verify the bid and auction without paypal. Paypal actually seems like good choice for now, but eventually ebay need to develop the system their own, because it is multinational coporation and it needs to united system for verification of bid.

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