No Man Is An Island

As improvement of information technology, such as facebook, the question is arise. ‘Will information technology make face-to-face contact and the places that enable that contact obsolete? Or will improvements in information technology make meeting face-to-face more effective and more valuable?’ One of the most valuable thing for information technology, it makes easier to maintain connection with people who are far away. In other value like faceook, it offers virtual friendships with people that you have never physically met.

It seems like the facebook could be substitute for face-to-face interaction. However, in meantime it might complement a meeting in person. The internet site is just a tool for managing friendships and transmitting information. ‘Perhaps that information makes face-to-face connections more rewarding. Perhaps that information enables people to form deeper bonds that lead to more physical meetings or to find people who would be particularly fun or rewarding to meet in person. But it isn’t clear that Facebook will increase or decrease the demand for face-to-face interaction. The survey suggest that Facebook seems to be typically used to connect people who already have connected through some other medium bond, like being in the same class or meeting at a party, which seems to suggest complementarily between meeting face-to-face and connecting on Facebook. ‘The people who were better at interacting face-to-face in adolescences had more friends on social networking sites as young adults.’

Even though Facebook help conquer distance, it replaced the valuable thing of life, face-to-face interaction. Every great ideas wasn’t generated solitary, isolated genius, but

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  1. It sounds like that our advancing social media is making our social networks intricately more connected and capable, but ever the more distant. Real life interactions will never be irrelevant (hopefully), but this topic leads me to believe they will become fewer and far between; when you can have an infinite amount of interactions with people instantly on Facebook, I feel like you would be less likely to meet up face to face with just anyone. In other words, people will become more selective about who they choose to interact with outside of the internet. On the web and through text message, people might be seemingly less exclusive about who they talk to because of the relative access and ease compared to meeting face to face… but these synthesized interactions would easily replace the real life small and minute social interactions that helps develop bonds and relationships.

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