Eradicated? Do you believe?

With the rise of the internet many people have started to self diagnose themselves. Often times we can find treatments to symptoms others are experiencing too. We can also find correlations between some symptoms if enough people are experiencing the same symptoms under what may be similar environments.
Looking at the networks in place between parents and guardians, the subdivision of those for and against children vaccination is quite interesting. Some underinoculated children have not received vaccines due to lack of resources to parents, while other children have not received vaccines due to the beliefs of their parents.
Unfortunately the once believed eradicated diseases like mumps and measles have had clusters of breakouts due to underinoculated members within a city. All of the outbreaks in the U.S. can be traced to underinoculated pockets within an area that brings about the spread of such “eradicated” diseases. This brings to question whether we should make sure everyone is inoculated for the general health of the population regardless of the side effects. Would we truly be able to eradicate these diseases once and for all remains the question.


One thought on “Eradicated? Do you believe?”

  1. It’s funny that they interviewed a chiropractor; this is the third chiropractor I have heard of or known that has decided not to inoculate their children. My fiance and I had long discussions about whether or not to give our son the shots; we chose that its better safe than sorry and with some recent developments and reliable articles/blogs, I don’t think we made the wrong decision. From what I understand, the misconception is that the diseases have been eradicated; they’re not. They are still there, no one has been catching these diseases for some time, because we’ve been immunizing. If a child comes down with measles, mumps, or whatever else it may be, then there’s a risk that it be passed to a child who hasn’t yet been immunized or hasn’t completed their latest cycle. Further, and this may seem like a rant, but those parents who believe that immunizing is linked to autism are wrong. Sure the shots are hodgepodge concoctions, but they work and can’t be worse than diet coke (phenylalanine is a derivative of turpentine and anything that can peel paint off a care probably should not be ingested…). Anyway, there has been progress in autism studies and researchers are further diving into those stating the disability actually starts during gestation (in the womb). The only way these diseases are going to “eradicated” is if people vaccinate, and continue to vaccinate future generations. Here’s one article, but there are numerous if you search Google. 🙂

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