Five Easy Ways to Lose Authority or Page rank

In the article “Five Easy Ways to Lose Authority or Page rank” author Kari Pritchard tell website owners how to optimize their webpage. She gives a few tips on how to keep a good authority score so that your webpage will become and stay popular. This is important because losing authority rank and page rank can cripple your webpage because it is the key component to having people find you.

The first tip the author gives is to get rid of bad links from your website. This is because websites like Google have made algorithms to punish websites that have bad links and that have black hat SEO’s. Google likes the idea of White Hat SEO’s because the make websites more usable and faster but Black Hat SEO try to manipulate searches. By punishing webpages that use these and other bad links then their authority scores will be much harder to improve and will end up crippling the webpage. Another tip the author offers is to link to your social sites so that Google can see if you have a lot of peers this is because the more ties you have the more likely you are to connect to like-minded individuals. Having a bunch of weak ties as we learned in class is profitable as well as having a strong social network so that ideas can spread quickly between your networks. The author also warns not to just build up random followers because this will also hurt your authority score because you will be seen as a spammer. Pritchard also stress using the right redirects on your page otherwise you wont be boosting traffic and your rank but rather the people being redirected will actually take their page authority with them leaving your site in the dust.

This article used a lot of the information we learned in class to inform webpage owners how to be more successful. The article stresses to have quality content and quality links to make sure you receive a good authority score. The more quality content that you have and the larger reach to other users means that more quality webpages will link to you. Once you gain popularity it will increase exponentially that is why these tips are so important.