Data Breaches: A New Way to Game Google

The problem of Google’s PageRank Algorithm has risen after the breach of Targer’s website. When Target’s website was attacked by hackers, the Pagerank of this retailor has shown slightly higher in search engines. One possible reason is that blogger and social media pointed back its website.

Since Targer is well-known company ON/OFFline, this is not helpful to increase the reputation of Target. However, other some unscrupulous businesses desperate to raise their profile on the crowded Web promoting a breach or even pretending one happen to elevate its PageRank.

This action would not work without media’s attention. The most publications are terrible at linking with situation. To use bad publicity to elevate the pagerank is creating problem. Criminal groups are already using computer hacking to manipulate search ranking which means it is possible to visit and infected virus on one’s computer.

“Google said that it has been fighting attempts to manipulate its search results for years and has sophisticated technologies in place to fight fraud.”