Snapchat Score and the Size of a Network

     I got a Snapchat account about five or six moths ago, I think it was around thanksgiving. The reason I downloaded the app was because a friend of mine recently moved to Korea and we’ve been using different ways of keeping in touch since we can’t see each other very often. We use Skype mostly, but Snapchat is unique in that it allows for extremely short form communication; just little glances into another’s life, a funny picture, a clever drawing.

     Initially, I only added my closest friends and we all downloaded the app at relatively the same time, within about two months of each other. In fact, one of my friends downloaded the app the same day i did. With Snapchat you get a score next to your username that is relative to the number of snaps you have sent and recieved (I’m not 100% sure how the score is added up). My close friends and I mostly use the app to send snaps to each other; each of us only having a few people outside of our group that we connect with by using this app. Since we mostly snap each other, our scores have remained pretty much in lock as they increase; one of my friends has always had a score 200 greater than mine, one of them 100 less, etc.

     Recently, about two weeks ago, I added several people to my friends list effectively doubling the number. With this increase in people my score has increased at a faster rate than it was before even though the rate at which I use the app has not really changed at all. As I said earlier, I got the app on the same day as one of my friends. He and I have had essentially the same score with little variation because we have been using the app for the same amount of time, we had the same people in our friends list, and we use the app at about the same rate. However since I have recently added more people to my Snapchat network, I have steadily moved past his score and am catching up to my friends who started using the app before I got it. I know it probably seems obvious that this would happen, but I still find it interesting.

     Let me try to explain how this separation of scores between my friend and myself is occurring. Before, whenever I would send out a snap (it would likely include all of my close friends), my friend would get a point and I would get a point. Conversely, whenever he would send me a snap, he would get a point and I would get a point. Also, whenever one of our other friends would send out a snap, all three of us would get a point. This conjoined point-getting is the reason that our scores never deviated very far from one another. Now that I have more people in my network, the likelihood that a snap I received (and a point received) was also received or sent by my friend (which would result in a point for him) has decreased notably in the past couple of weeks.

TL;DR While most of my snaps are still from my close group of friends, the additional contacts that I added recently have quickly increased my Snapchat score because networks.

2 thoughts on “Snapchat Score and the Size of a Network”

  1. This was a fun read. A lot of my friends had downloaded it and used it before I gave in and downloaded it. It is a fun and great way of communication for small and large networks or friends added.

    It should also be noted that you can pick and choose who received your Snapchat on your friends list which both have its pros and cons. Pros being that the more personal snaps are sent to whoever you chose and cons being the nuisance of choosing people to send it to when you want everyone to see it. This restriction of picking and choosing who see what and essentially recieving/sending points may be related to the strong links and weak links, or close friends and acquaintances.

  2. Super interesting! I know that if you open the Snapchat App and you click the header (where it says “Snapchat” above your list of sent/received) it’ll show you how many sent snaps and received snaps your score consists of. Also I was trying to look up to see if points were added to your score when people view your “story”. Either way the larger the network you involve yourself in and take the time to send snaps to the larger and quicker your score will grow. Also if you go into the settings you can enable a feature that lets you increase the number of “best friends” that show up at the top of your contact list whenever you go to send a snap. The maximum is 7 best friends but I can imagine that if you enable that feature you’ll start to see your score add up quicker because you have a reliable set of 7 friends you stay in communication with via snapchat.

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