Big Ten sees eastern migration as anything but risky

The Big Ten is a conference that is affiliated with the governing body of college sports, the NCAA.  Over the past three years the conference has undergone an expansion of schools that it has allowed to join its racks.  The expansion is gaining the interest of schools on the outside, as now schools want to be the next one to join the conference.  The cascade effect is effecting different clusters or in this case different conferences.  As one school joins the Big Ten the connection with maybe another regional school could persuade a school that was previously in an uninterested cluster to gain interest.  An example of this scenario is the Big Tens addition of Rutgers.  Rutgers had a regional tie with the University of Maryland, Temple, and Penn State.  With Maryland joining the Big Ten two schools Rutgers had a tie with were now in the Big Ten, so logically Rutgers snatched the opportunity to join the conference.  Temple has more ties with schools such as Villanova and Drexel, which are not members of the Big Ten.  The result of this is a lesser interest to join the conference by Temple.