WHO sounds alarm on spread of polio

The World Health Organization has declared an international public health emergency due to the spread of polio. With a spread of polio across international boarders the WHO has had raising concerns that it could result in the failure to eradicate a serious disease with a preventable vaccine.

With an increase in the amount of cases of polio in the “slow” transmission months causes worries that an increase in the number of causes will continue to rise. 60% of the cases have been caused through transmit ion across international boarders. With three countries playing a major role in transmissions; Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon. Suggestions have been made to force Syrian people to have paperwork to prove they have been vaccinated before traveling to other countries.

Polio was eradicated in the United States in 1979 with the help of vaccination, but due to the increasing civil unrest in Syria many citizens have not been able to be vaccinated.