Models and their Web Connection

Young, new faces in the modeling industry who recently gain lucrative contracts may have social media sites to thank. Supermodel Gigi Hadid, 19, has over 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account, and has signed with designer Tom Ford, Victoria’s Secret, and, recently, with beauty brand Maybelline. Other well-known millennial models, such as Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss, have personal social media accounts with million more followers than Hadid. Supermodels are no longer untouchable only seen gracing the cover of high fashion magazines or ads; today’s models share personal photos and stories on their personal social media account. Social media is a way for these models to connect with family, friends and fans, and, most importantly, to promote themselves. As the models’ number of followers grows, fashion/beauty brands are taking notice. For them, it is becoming a factor to hire models that are well connected so that they can easily reach their target audience: younger females. The advertisers, models, and followers can be seen as a structure within the web with the models as the key node to the strongly connected component in the social media platform. By hiring models that are connected, the brand essentially gains millions of followers, and these models know that it is equally important to interact with their fans while representing the brand to continue successfully working in the modeling industry.

One thought on “Models and their Web Connection”

  1. Great post on how social networks are changing the modeling industry. I liked how you viewed them as the key node in a strongly connected component. By this I believe you are saying that if they are eliminated from the component then the entire component would no longer be strongly connected. Essentially the models are the node that causes the networks to become strongly connected. I absolutely agree with this view and agree that it is of great value. Given this value I understand why designers and beauty companies would be willing to pay so much for them. But, I believe there is another incentive for the companies to pay such a high price for these models. This additional incentive is that these models have a reachability aspect. By this I mean that these models connect to their viewers and fans like never before. In the past models were this elevated class of men and women that were unattainable and were far superior to their viewers and fans. In comparison these new models cause the viewers to feel like they are similar to the models. This aspect about the new models is very powerful because individuals are more likely to trust people they feel similar to. This in turn allows for the companies to benefit from this great “personal” relationship between the models and their viewers and fans. So, it is the combination of these two aspects that I believe are making these new models so valuable.

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