Game Theory applied to parenting

One of the things that the course would be teaching in the coming week is game theory. Game theory provides a framework for participants to recognise their strategies in actions and the payoffs from their chosen strategies. In this article, the author- Jennifer Wallace suggests how game theory could put in effect when it comes to parenting.

I thought the part where the author wrote about pick-up dilemma is pretty interesting. Similar to the situation where one prisoner confess while the other does the same or one prisoner does not confess while the other does the same, pick up dilemma  offers kids after playing their toys a chance to feel no sense of being “the last one” to pick up toys and making them feel being less than others. A tit for tat strategy could bring more cooperation than reluctance to kids who have to clean up after their own mess, after playing. One child puts away a toy, the other puts another away until the objective is achieved.