Expanding Global Trade Networks

I thought this article was interesting it had to deal with the trading network between the United States and Asia. This ties into our discussion on networks in class in the sense that the trade deal that Obama is imposing would further connect the United States with China and other Trans-Pacific countries. The deal would both exchange goods and services, but also intellectual property and foreign investment. This is interesting as the network of ideas would be a lot larger and flow between a wider range of countries. According to the article, the competition from China accounted for 21 percent of United States employment loss and that number would only increase.

The one point in this article that I personally would like to see the most evidence for is “For the U.S to derive maximum benefit from its advances in technology intensive products, such as smartphones, U.S companies need strong global protection of intellectual property.” The reason I think this claim would be strengthened by evidence is because Apple is one of the most valued companies in the world and they have been relying on China for their manufacturing basically since they started. I am also skeptical as to what protecting intellectual property will do for the average American worker. I think that establishing a larger network between countries to share intellectual property would overall benefit all of the parties, as ideas can be improved upon by different minds and items can be perfected.

I also think that expanding global trade would be beneficial to all parties involved, and also help the United States countries who are producing goods domestically. According to the article “Blocking the TPP because of justified unhappiness over manufacturing’s lost glory would amount to refighting the last trade war” and I am not sure that fighting another trade war would be beneficial to the United States, and other developing countries.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/03/12/why-obamas-key-trade-deal-with-asia-would-actually-be-good-for-american-workers/