How many of your Facebook “friends” do you really know?

When going through your friends list, how many people are you actually friends with? According to an article by The Indian Express, you have no more than 200 real friends on Facebook. It says in the article that our brain can naturally group people into a cluster of 100-200 people. This study is known as The Social Brain Hypothesis. The article also shows that women had a much higher average of friends on Facebook then men. Women average about 181 friends and men average about 151 real friends on Facebook.

The article also brings up a good point about the increase of social media use over the past 10 years. With increased social media use, there is also an increase of “online” friends on top of friends you know outside of the social media universe. It states in the article that with the ability to post pictures and respond to multiple people in a quick manner, then it is easier to interact with people and create more relationships.

When looking at our friends on Facebook, we can think of them as one big network. We all have friends in common that link together. Each friend we have is a node and we are linked together with friends we have in common. When we become friends with someone and have no friends in common, another node is created and there is a chance for more links to be made off of that node. I agree with the main point of the article of only having 100-200 real friends. I have over 700 friends and when asked to give a list of people that I interact with regularly, it would be between 100-150 people.



One thought on “How many of your Facebook “friends” do you really know?”

  1. About a couple years ago I had close to 800 friends of Facebook. The truth was I barely knew any of them and they were complete strangers to me. As I grew older I did not want to share my life on Facebook with all those random people so I went through and deleted all of the people I did not actually know. Now I have around 150 friends. I no longer saw a point in having so many Facebook friends but being connected to so many people can be a very good networking strategy if you use it in the right way.

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