Can Game Theory Predict The President?

Colonel Blotto, a specific type of Game Theory, has many believing that you can actually predict the outcomes of things such as presidential elections, baseball games, or even a war.  Computer scientists have developed an algorithm that can solve this Colonel Blotto game. What this algorithm does is it asks for two players to distribute soldiers over a “battlefield” and randomly selects an area, and the player with more soldiers in that area wins.

The trick with this problem is to reduce things and scale it so it is applicable to real life. The algorithm has been tested and proved to be able to accurately predict how certain situations will play out and determine what needs to be improved upon to have a successful strategy. If this algorithm is applied to real life, it could be very useful for upcoming presidential campaigns. This “game” could show the nominees what they need to do to win the campaign, which area they need to focus on, and what they need to do to win the election. Of course, there are some issues with the algorithm in such that it cannot accurately account for random factors that may occur. This may allow to take a lot of the risk and guessing out of the equation when it comes to events. Imagine living in a world where you know if your sports team is going to win the game before the game even starts. What would even be the point of watching the game?


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