PageRank Algorithm Reveals Soccer Teams’ Strategies

The article I read is about a paper that analyzes football strategies using concepts from network theory to describe the team’s strategies. The article is called, “PageRank Algorithm Reveals Soccer Teams’ Strategies,” using information from a research paper called, “A network theory analysis of football strategies” by Javier Ĺopez Peña and Hugo Touchette.

The article was extremely interesting, because it showed a sports team in a completely different view. Most of the time you think about football you would never think of the team and their strategy as a network. The teams were broken down into terms we use in class, players are nodes in the network, and a pass establishes an edge between each player. The more passes a player receives the thicker the edge, and the more important that player is for the teams strategy. Here is an image from the article that shows the network for two football teams.

Other terms discussed were betweeness, clustering, PageRank which ranks the player on their popularity. The article and the paper go into more detail on the subject and the terms.

Even though this article is 4 years old, I think it is very interesting and helpful in understanding the content. Being able to see the information explained in a different way is a great way to understand the content and information I now can understand and apply the terms in multiple ways.

Here is the Article Page:
Here is the PDF for the research paper: