Pagerank toolbar

We learnt about the essence of PageRank when it comes to wed-surfing. It is a system developed by Larry page and Sergey Brin and its basic idea is that: if a page is important, it will be cited by other important pages. This is the feature that google has within its google toolbar PageRank, it essentially determines what would show up in searching results.

In the second article, it mentions about how Google is planning on removing Toolbar PageRank. This means that individuals using tool or a browser that shows PageRank data from Google, will soon lose their privileges of doing so. Google’s decision, however, doesn’t take away page rank data internally within the ranking algorithm; which means that when people are searching for information on Google, they could still visit sites with high clicking rate, giving them high chance of locating their desirable information. It is just that the external PageRank values are being taken away.


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