Adopting to Facebook’s new “Like” Alternative

Facebook has just recently launched a new update towards their trademark of the “like” button on Facebook. Like many other updates in which Facebook creates and changes on their platform. People are constantly forced to adopt to these new changes based on the aspect that even if one doesn’t like the change. People will eventually accept and adopt on the new change even if they do no like the specifics of the change. With the change in the “Like” trademark on the Facebook platform. As more people are starting to learn of this new change, more people are starting to adopt to this and will utilize this new function. Similar to how nodes will adopt based on a cascade behavior in a network. As soon as more people start using a function, people will become curious and start to learn to adapt to this new exciting feature to the “Like” function. Although this is a new feature added, Facebook can utilize this function to figure out the behavior of people who would adopt or just stay with using the traditional like button. Clusters will form for those who adopt and those who do not adopt.