Earth Day: Using game theory and AI to beat the poachers

This article discusses briefly problems that arise when wildlife preservers and forestry are being poached by poachers. It can be difficult for park rangers because often the scale of the reserve is usually large for the rangers to cover. this problem affecting the effectiveness of the ranger causes game theory to come into play. the game according to researchers is called “green security games” “they are being created to use mathematical and computer models of conflict and cooperation between rational decision makers”. “By this, predictions of the behavior of adversaries can be generated, giving rangers better clues as to where to patrol”. the purpose is to increase the slim chance that rangers will catch poachers. two companies PAWS (Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security) and SORT (Simultaneous Optimization of Resource Teams) aimed at protecting wildlife and forestry respectively, have been the main benefits of this data analysis process using game theory read article for more.

Earth Day: Using game theory and AI to beat the poachers