Landing The Job You Want Through Your Network

In today’s day and age social media accounts have become so useful that companies are now asking their hiring staff to use them to look for potential employees. That is why keeping your social media account professional is very important. It can hurt you if you have negative stuff on there as well. The author in the article goes on to talk about how knowing someone is still how companies would rather hire people. As was discussed within class, networks are very important and the more people you know the better. Network effects play a key role in the hiring process.

Social media has made it very easy to stay connected and build your network. People definitely should take advantage and try to use social media to their benefit and build a greater network of people and stay in touch with them over time. Many times this is how people land their jobs; by the people that they know.

Companies hire people through their social networks because someone has vouched for that person, and it gets rid of the uncertainty of how that person will behave. Companies would more rather hire someone that a present employee already knows, rather than an unconnected person outside of their social network.

One of the disadvantages of relying mostly on networks when hiring makes diversity in the workplace diminish. I think companies should not always hire people from their social network to keep the network of people more diversified.